Omaha Conservatory of Music Piano Day

Collaborative Piano Interactive Lecture

One of the great joys of being a pianist is the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians in a myriad of settings, genres, and instruments. My fantastic colleagues at the Omaha Conservatory of Music organized an all-day piano festival for our students, allowing me an opportunity to share my love of collaboration by presenting an interactive lecture for one of the breakout sessions.

As the students and I explored the sometimes unexpected challenges of collaboration, we also learned about the rewards from these endeavors. Each time I interact with developing pianists I try to challenge them to think from creative perspectives. I presented the students with accessible ways to approach the difficulties of orchestral reductions by listening to original recordings and identifying specific elements to extrapolate, tackle rhythmic challenges from the perspective of a conductor instead of a pianist, and enjoy the gift of collaboration that is unique to pianists by defining our role in chamber and duo settings. It is my hope to inspire a spirit of collaboration in the next generation of pianists, and I’m so grateful for each opportunity to do so!

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